Ferentino - Roman theatre

                                                                     Ferentino - Roman theatre
                                                                          Second century AD
Alfonso Bàrtoli was discoverer of Roman theatre in Ferentino, built in second century AD The cavea of this theatre has calcareous steps near orchestra; instead upper steps they are in opus lateritium. The vaults that supported the upper cavea were made in cement work. It is estimated that the cavea could well contain 3000 spectators.
                                                                   Ferentino, map of the Roman theatre
                                                                           Rendering by Quilici - Gigli
Titìnio, latin comedy writer second century BC, in his play Psaltria seu Ferentinas writes “Ferentinàtis pòpulus res graecas studet, because ancient people of Ferentino like living as greeks, like art, theatre, thermal baths.

In ancient Roman theatre tradition identifies the tribunal where S. Ambrogio, centurion in the Roman army become Christlike, was sentenced to death by Daciano’s court.

                                                                  Ferentino, Roman theatre
                                                               ( Photo by Francesco Porretti)
                                                  Ferentino, Roman theatre, archaeological dig (2022)
                                                                        (photo by Leda Virgili)